by Alan Cohen

…to my new blog!

This is a forum for me to write down my assorted thoughts on politics, culture, society, policy, science, and so forth – the same stuff that I regularly enjoy conversing with so many of you about. My hope is that many of you will read and comment on these, and that this blog will start off as a forum for discussion among friends. I also hope that you will share my posts with others when you feel it appropriate, so that any particular novel insights generated will make it into the wider world.

Posts will generally take one of two formats: “insights” (e.g., why the US senate is so dysfunctional) and “ideas” (e.g. how we could structure the US senate so it would be moderately less dysfunctional). In both cases, I will try to only post things that, to my knowledge, are not already widely discussed, and thus have some potential to bring novelty to our social discourse. However, I will not take much time to research my posts (if I did, I’d never get around to publishing anything), so I risk being off base on some of my facts once in a while – please correct me!

Looking forward to spirited discussions with all of you!