An Open Letter to Canada’s Health Minister

July 8, 2016


Hon. Jane Philpott, 

Minister of Health

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0A6

Dear Dr. Philpott,

I was very pleased to see that concerns of the medical research community are being expressed, and that you are convening a panel to explore next steps. There are many serious issues to be addressed. However, while I thank the writers of the original open letter for getting this process going, and while agreeing with the general sentiment of frustration expressed in that letter, I (and I suspect many others of members of the medical research community) do not agree with the specifics, and in particular with the suggestion to return to a system of face-to-face peer review. While I cannot claim to speak for others, I suspect that many signatories of the letter agreed with the frustration expressed more than the solution proposed.

Broadly, I would raise four points in response to the open letter. Read the rest of this entry »